The Devil Court is a parish of Dis, and the remnant of an ancient hell populated by devils. Largely populated by devils, demons and their spawn, this dangerous parish is the center of legal activity in Dis. This is due to the supernaturally binding contracts that devil judges and barristers can produce. With no central governing authority, Disians instead rely on the threat of soul transfer or being torn apart by hellhounds to enforce contracts and laws.

The Devil Courthouse is a thorned and horned, obsidian and bone structure at the center of the parish. Shops, housing, and taverns encircle the courthouse, catering largely to the devils, but also with some consideration to the petitioners who have come to make use of the courthouse. While many devils consider it poor sportsmanship to prey directly on petitioners in the Court, few devils are legitimately good sportsmen.

In addition to producing contracts, the Court also serves as a center for placing bounties. Bounties are a standard practice to punish wrongdoers, though the ability to place a significant enough bounty severely limits access to justice among the poor.