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The city of Dis is a living thing, hungrily devouring all the planes it touches. In the lost or forgotten parts of any decadent civilization—its deserted ruins or squalid sewers—Dis has already begun its conquest, absorbing and remaking things, but also taking on the traits of the worlds it digests. Adventurers aware of this invasion use the city’s beachheads to travel between the planes, simply by journeying through Dis. The city has already consumed dozens of planes, and refugees from countless worlds fill its streets. Where else is there to go? Plus, grotesque as it is, Dis now contains the last remnants of their homelands.


  • Fire Docks - Tungsten galleys set sail on elemental seas. Recently frozen.
  • Haserosh - Hell for the slothful, an enormous factory
  • Refuge - Glowing spheres light up the heavens
  • Zemrude - Masoleum of strange monuments

Planes connected to DisEdit

  • Despina - Vile realm of mortals conquered by evil overlords
  • Octavia - Savanna world of mortals and mighty beasts
  • Nifleheim - Vile demon theocracy
  • Precopia - Religious world of mortals where those that fall from grace become monsters

Formerly connected planesEdit

Non-connected planesEdit

  • Meihelfin - Virtuous kingdom of serpents
  • Zorast - Primordial land of dinosaurs
  • Har'Dro - Once connected to Dis in an alternate timeline