Deceased, Defeated or ImprisonedEdit

  • Yiu, an angel friend of LynndisKuro owes him a good deed. Died in the attack on Lucifer.
  • Ygorl, demon prince of Acheron, the black rider, died defending Lucifer.
  • Syla, deceased (twice), a bearded devil mercenary that extracted a boon from Clay and lived in Ivy Manor in the Fire Docks, killed by Clay, then rose as Dark Lord Zombie Syla, killed by Lynndis
  • Gryxx, a treacherous dark elf necromancer, killed by Kuro
  • Lucifer, a powerful devil bound to a wheelchair, his gaze nearly damned Clay. Now sealed beneath Dis.
  • Pale Night , an undead dragon who consumes virtue and who made a pact with Charlotte
  • Tanner, dwarven cleric of Rao who stands vigil over the seed of growth planted in Acheron